About Acrolinx Custom Attributes

Astoria automatically applies a set of Acrolinx-relevant custom attributes each time a document is checked.

The custom attributes are visible in the Properties view and when you issue the Show Properties command for a document and select the Custom Attributes tab in the Properties dialog.

The custom attributes automatically applied are:
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Acrolinx Last Rule The profile selected when the document was last checked.
Acrolinx Score The numerical Acrolinx score for when the document was last checked. Scores are integers in the range of from 0 to 100. Higher values indicate better quality.
Acrolinx Filter The name of the filter used when the document was last checked. If no filter was specified, the value is None.
Acrolinx Report URL A link to the Scorecard hosted by the Acrolinx server containing the details of the last check.

These custom attributes cannot be added, modified, or removed manually. They are applied by Astoria automatically when the document is checked using Acrolinx. Each time the document is checked, the attributes are updated.

Note: An additional Acrolinx custom attribute, Acrolinx Default Rule, can be added manually. See Configuring the Default Profile for Checking.