About Changing DTDs Associated with Structured Documents

Changing a DTD requires appropriate authorization, and may have restrictions to ensure valid results.

Access controls determine whether a user is authorized to change a DTD. If the user has been granted or inherits the Change Associated DTD capability, they can change a DTD.

If you multiselect structured documents to change the DTD, the selected documents must all use the same DTD.

You can change the DTD used by one or more structured documents so that they use a different DTD (which is often a new version of the original DTD). However, the new DTD must be valid for the existing structure of the document. For example, if you change a DITA concept DTD to a DITA task DTD, the document is no longer valid. Generally, DITA DTDs can be changed to a later DITA version of the same type, but not always to an earlier DITA version.