About Look Up by Object Id

Application administrators can find an object in the repository by looking up the Object Id.

Every object in the repository has a unique Object Id. Administrators can see an Object's Id in the Properties view . Referencing element links display Object Ids. Many log files also identify Object Ids.

Repository users can also access a repository object's Object Id by selecting the object and issuing the Publish > GUID command, which attaches the Object Id to an email message or to their clipboard, and provide the Object Id to an application administrator. See Sending Location, View, or Object Id Links.

By default, only application administrators see the Lookup dialog in the Publish tab of the Workbench Ribbon.

Paste the object ID in the dialog and click Locate, or issue the command Search > Locate Object by Id and paste the Object Id in the dialog. The Navigation view expands to display and highlight the object.