About the Register New User Option

Individuals who want to become Astoria users can request registration through the New user registration link on the Astoria landing page. The option can also be used by others responsible for assigning new Astoria users.

An administrator can configure a job to process new user requests and post a job to one or more administrators who are responsible for accepting or rejecting those requests. The request form includes the user's login name, name, a description, email address and language.

When a request is submitted, a job ticket is created and email is sent to the responsible administrators in the job audience. One of these administrators can accept the job and process it. When the request is processed, a User Properties dialog for the new user appears, initialized with information from the request form. The administrator then sets group membership and adjusts other fields as appropriate, and can enter text to include in the email reply to the request. The form allows the administrator to accept or reject the request.