About Target Languages Restricted by the Project Director Project Type

If the Project Director Project Type includes specific target languages, a Start Translation job that specifies a different target language in the Select Translation Targets field cannot execute, and an error message is issued.

If your repository is configured to use Project Director, the application document must specify a default Project Director Shortcode value. That shortcode references a Project Type definition in the Project Director application that may define the specific target languages that are valid for a translation package of that type that flows into Project Director.

If more than one project type is defined in Project Director, the Start Translation dialog allows the user to select a different Project Type for a specific translation job, which overrides the default value. A different project type may define different valid target languages.

If you select an unsupported translation target language for the job, based on the selected (or default) Project Type, this error message is issued:
Some of the selected translation cabinets are not available for the selected project type. Please re-check.

In this case, either change the target languages identified in the Select Translation Targets or select a different Project Type that supports the selected target languages.