CSS Folder

The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) folder, residing in the Administration cabinet, contains CSS files that govern the look of the Browse view.

The CSS folder and the CSS files contained in it are used to generate html pages in the Browse view. You can change the look and feel of the web pages by overriding these files. To override a CSS, create or modify the file named alt_<filename>.css in the CSS folder. For example, to override the look and feel of the Browse view, modify alt_content.css. Any CSS elements that you define in this file overrides those in the content.css CSS file.

Important: Do not edit the original CSS files in this folder. Changes you make to these files may be lost during the next system upgrade.
Each file has a specific purpose, as listed below:
File Name Description
help.css Style file for the help windows. The help.css file is maintained by Astoria software. This file should not be modified by the user and is therefore not imported into the repository.
alt_help.css Style file that contains customer-defined overrides for the look of all the help windows and is therefore initially empty. During application installation, it is imported into the CSS folder. It is also imported during application upgrade, if it is not there already. Users can modify this file to change the look of the help windows.
annotate.css Style file for the annotateUtils template. It controls all the background/font colors and sizes used in review/annotate views.
calendar.css Style file for the date/time calculator. It controls all the background/font colors and sizes used by this control.
caption.css Style file for the caption frame. It controls all the background/font colors and sizes used by the caption frame.
content.css Style for the Browse view during the brief time the index.html file is displayed. It is also used for the information displayed in the Browse view.
alt_content.css Provides application administrators a place to override Astoria supplied style information for the Browse view. This is especially useful for overriding the look of information displayed using the File > View command on structured documents. See Modifying the Style of the Browse View.