Compose or Publish Output Commands

You can create a variety of output formats from structured documents using Astoria's compose or publish commands.

Your system can be configured to support several composition and publishing methods.
Note: Some processors require additional Astoria licenses or third-party software licenses.
Once your system is configured properly, the Publish menu displays valid compose commands for selected objects. The following table show each publishing method and its corresponding composition command:
Publishing Method Publish Menu Command Notes
DITA Open Toolkit Compose with DITA-OT

See Composing Output with DITA-OT.

Input must be DITA content; supports any DITA-OT plugin for output.
Antenna House XSL Formatter Compose with AH

See Composing Output with Antenna House.

Accepts both DITA and non-DITA input; output is PDF only.
PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine Compose with PE

See Composing Output with Arbortext PE.

Accepts both DITA and non-DITA input.
Astoria Portal Publish to Astoria Portal

See Publishing to the Astoria Portal.

Input must be DITA maps. Output is DITA content.