Testing the Workflow

Before moving into a production state, test the workflow to ensure it meets your requirements.

Include project stakeholders who helped to design the workflow in the testing activities to ensure the workflow was implemented as designed.
  1. Create a test folder for your workflow within the scope of both the Task Sequence and Audience Parameter documents.
  2. Include objects in the test folder that are representative of those you expect to process for the workflow.
  3. Identify the participants for each of the workflow roles by setting access controls on the folder using the Roles tab, adding role groups, then adding users or user groups to each role group.
  4. Launch the workflow using the Change Status command on one or more of the test objects.
  5. Review the email messages and job tickets that are issued by the status change.
  6. Proceed through each available transition defined for the workflow, reviewing email messages and job tickets.
  7. If you encounter unexpected results, issue the Reset Status command on the object to end the workflow, and make changes to address the issue.
  8. Repeat testing until all results are satisfactory.