Using Acrolinx Scores in a Workflow

An administrator can configure the minimum allowed Acrolinx score to allow an object to change status in a workflow.

If Acrolinx scoring is configured, when a workflow transition is being processed, Astoria submits the document for Acrolinx scoring using the default profile defined or inherited. The transition fails if the score is lower than the minimum allowed score. If this occurs, the job submitter receives an email saying that the status change failed due to Acrolinx scoring. See Task Sequence Document Fields.

One example use of this capability is to prevent authors from distributing documents for review, until after the documents receive a passing Acrolinx score.

Note: If you are using Acrolinx scores in a workflow, ensure you have set a default profile at the appropriate level in the repository. See Configuring the Default Profile for Checking.