Using Custom Attributes to Skip Retailer Processing of Cabinets or Folders

An administrator can create custom attributes to cause Retailer processing to skip folders or cabinets.

Create any or all of the following text custom attributes: (See Creating a Custom Attribute Definition.)
Custom Attribute Name Processing Type
IsDisabledDC Doc Content indexing
IsDisabledDM Descendent Modified notification
IsDisabledFP File pruning
IsDisabledID ID/IDREF repair
IsDisabledNT Entity Updating
IsDisabledOS Element Names and Attributes indexing
IsDisabledTN Thumbnail Generation
IsDisabledXP Xpath to Custom Attribute generation
IsDisabledAll All of the above processing types

After creating custom attribute definitions, you must exit and restart the Workbench before it is avalable in the Property sheet custom attributes tab.

To disable one of the processing types, attach an instance of a named custom attribute to a cabinet or folder, and give it a text value of true.

When processing, we check: