Workbench Editors

The Workbench supports an embedded XML editor and a DITA Map Editor.

An editor is a visual component of the Workbench that allows editing of content from the repository. When a Workbench editor is launched, a new visual component in the Workbench appears, inserted between existing views. Any number of editors can be open at one time, but only one can be active at a time.

Tabs in the editor area indicate the names of resources that are currently open for editing. An active editor tab is colored blue. If an asterisk (*) appears on the left of the tab name, this indicates that the editor has unsaved changes. You can dock two editors side by side in the editor area by dragging a tab to the edge of the editor area.

Note: Integrated WAN editors open in their own separate application window, not in the Workbench. See About Integrated Editors.