Cabinet Properties Dialog

Cabinet objects () display these property fields and options.

Property Description
Name Name of the object.
Description [Optional] A user-provided description of the object.
Ancestry The hierarchical ancestry of the object. You can select objects from the ancestry tree for further action.
Note: This property is shown only for cabinets in the Products area for Release Management cabinets.
Created The date and time when the object was created.
Location Specifies where the cabinet is located in the repository database.
Language Specifies the language (and optionally the locale name in parentheses) in which the contents of structured documents and files are indexed.
For example,
English (United States)
Locale If a language property specifies a language with a locale name, this field displays the language/locale code. If the specified language does not include a locale name, this field indicates only the language code.
For example,
Dependency Processing If the check box is selected, enables provider changed notifications to be delivered on objects in this cabinet.
Pruning Policy Specifies the pruning policy. See Unstructured File Pruning Policy.
Searchability Indicates whether the object is searchable. See About Searchability.
Compression Policy Indicates whether to compress file versions. See About Compression Policy.
Custom Attributes Tab Click the Custom Attributes tab to open the Custom Attributes dialog for the object. See About Custom Attributes.