Object Privilege Definitions--Content Administration Capabilities

This table presents content administration capabilities that can be granted to users through Access Controls and may include links to further information about performing the action.

Privilege Definition For more information
Change Associated Declaration  
Change Associated DTD Change the DTD on which the structured document is based. Methods for Changing DTDs Associated with Structured Documents
Change Associated Style  
Change Custom Attribute Definition Change the default value and add, change, or delete enumerated values for a custom attribute definition. Modifying a Custom Attribute Definition
Change Custom Attribute Instances Add, change, or delete the custom attribute instances of this custom attribute definition.
Change Custom Attribute Instance Value Change the custom attribute instance values of this custom attribute definition. Changing the Custom Attribute Value on an Object
Change Custom Attribute Value Change only the value of a custom attribute already attached to an object.
Change Custom Attributes Attach a custom attribute to an object, change the value of the custom attribute, or remove the custom attribute. Attaching a Custom Attribute to a Repository Object

Removing a Custom Attribute from a Repository Object

Change Description Change the description of the object. About Changing an Object Description
Change Edition Change the edition to allow a full-text search or a limited search.  
Change Locking Units Change the locking units in the DTD.
Note: This is typically done only for non-DITA DTDs that are imported into the repository.
Importing a DTD
Change Name Change the name of this object. About Renaming Objects
Change Reference  
Change Search  
Change Searchability Change the searchability option. About Searchability
Make Edition Make an edition of the structured document. Creating an Edition