Search Expression Rules for Repository Objects Using Basic Searches and Saved Searches

Searching the Astoria repository supports useful search query syntax.

Syntax Expression Example
There is an implied OR between multiple search terms. In other words, topics that contain one or more of the terms are returned.
import export filter
import OR export OR filter

Both of these examples return the same set of objects.

Returns objects that contain the word import, export, or filter (or any combination of the words).

NOT search (prefix a search word with a hyphen).
completed -started

Returns objects that contain the word completed, but do not also contain the word started.

Phrase search (enclose search phrase in double quotation marks).
"Workbench Ribbon"

Returns objects that contain the phrase Workbench Ribbon, but not objects that contain only Workbench or only Ribbon.

Fuzzy/Similar Search

Returns objects that contain the word started as well as similar words such as starred, stated.

Proximity Search (enclose two search words in double quotation marks, then append a tilde (~) followed by a number representing the number of words between the words). The order of the search terms is significant.
"export import"~10

Returns objects that contain the word export followed by the word import within 10 words.

Note: Currently, repository searches are not case sensitive.