What's New for Astoria On-Demand 6.5 HF7

The following table highlights improvements and changes.

Category Description
Acrolinx Integration Compatibility with Acrolinx API (1.0.8) is now available.

An administrator script, setAcrolinxData.py is provided to configure Acrolinx settings for compatibility with the new Acrolinx API. All Astoria/Acrolinx systems, even existing systems, must run this script. See Administrator Scripts.

The new supported version of Acrolinx uses SSO, simplifying user authentication and how a user checks quality with Acrolinx. The Set Acrolinx Password command has been removed, and Acrolinx Term Sets are no longer used. Acrolinx now uses profiles to define what checking is performed. See topics in the chapter Integration with Acrolinx for changes.

Administration For added security, an administrator can now configure logging to exclude stack traces from Workbench and WAN editor bridge logs, and instead have those traces logged in ACS read servlet logs. This is configured using the setClientExceptionLogging administrator script. See Administrator Scripts and the task in the ACS-ICA Configuring Stack Trace Logging.
File > Copy Command The File > Copy command is improved to support copying DITA elements that have an id attribute that can be used as an href or conref. The result can then be pasted into an @href or @conref attribute value in the oXygen editor. See Copying DITA Elements with an ID Attribute.
Dragging and Dropping Elements for Xref or Conref DITA elements that contain an id element can be dragged and dropped from the Workbench Navigation view into the oXygen editor as an xref or conref. See Copying DITA Elements with an ID Attribute.
Access Controls All users require the View Container Contents privilege on most folders in the Administration cabinet. Failure to provide this access will result in logon failures and browse errors. See Granting the View Container Contents Privilege on the Administration Cabinet to All Users.

Users who submit translation jobs require the View Container Contents privilege on the xdTranslationMonitor event queue. Failure to provide this access will result in translation job failures. See Granting View Event Queue Contents Privilege on the Translation Monitor to Translation Users.

Reports The ScopedFolderItems report has been enhanced to include columns displaying the title and repository ID, as well as columns for profile attributes.
Security Administrators have more control over what file types can be imported. The setRestrictedFileExtensions administrator script has been enhanced to control if the optionally specified extensions define either an inclusion list or exclusion list. It also allows prevention of files with no file extension from being imported. See Administrator Scripts.

An administrator can configure the location for logging of client stack traces either globally or per user using the setClientExceptionLogging administrator script. See Administrator Scripts.

Performance Saving of DITA maps in Oxygen is now faster.
Translation A new translation command, List Translations (direct only) is now available. This command fills the Details view with the translations of just the selected file. Referenced files are not included in the list. See Listing Translations.

Existing repositories upgrading to Hot Fix 7 should modify the Translation Presentations settings to display the desirable columns in the Details view. See Updating Translation Presentation Settings for List Translations (direct only) Command.

Job tickets for translation jobs using SDL Nexus FTP or SJP configurations now supply the Astoria user name in the jobcreator field instead of the user name specified in the Application document's SDL FTP Username field.

A new Translation Package destination is available, FTP-ZIP-SRC. It supports managing translation jobs to an FTP server. See Configuring the FTP-ZIP-SRC Translation Package Destination and About Translation Package Destinations.

DTD 1.3 Browse view of DITA documents with conref attributes correctly resolves content.
Selecting Graphics with Thumbnails For graphics formats that support a thumbnail view, the chooser dialog can split and display the graphic thumbnail. See About the Vertical Splitter Between Thumbnails and the Chooser List.
Workbench Launch When you install the Workbench, it no longer uses a jnlp file to lauch the Workbench interface. Instead, the installation creates a file, workbench.exe, and if selected during installation, a shortcut to the application. See Installing, Launching, and Logging In to the Workbench.