Setting Backstop Access Controls

Administrators define Backstop Access Controls with repository-wide privileges whose inheritance can be suppressed at lower levels of the repository.

  1. In the Workbench Ribbon, select the Administration tab, then from the Security band, select Backstop Access Controls.
    The Define Access Controls for Backstop Access dialog appears, with the General Privileges tab selected.

  2. In the Capabilities area, select one or more Capabilities from the Available box and add to the Present box.
  3. Select a Capability in the Present box.
    The Capability name is highlighted.
  4. In the Details area, select Users or Groups to allow to perform the capability by moving them from the Available box to the Present box.
  5. Select additional Capabilities and assign Users or Groups for all Capabilities in the Present box.
  6. Click OK.
    The Backstop Access Controls are saved in the repository.