Composing Output with Antenna House

Use the Compose with AH command to compose PDF output from a structured document using Antenna House.

This option is available only when you have the appropriate license.
  1. Navigate to and right-click the structured document, then select Publish > Compose with AH.
    The Compose Output dialog appears.

  2. Select the Antenna House Style from the list.
  3. If you want the results to be zipped into a single file, select the Zip Results check box.
    This file is then placed in the location as specified by the Store Results field.
    Note: If you select the HTTP(S) option for the Store Results field, the Zip Results check box is selected automatically and cannot be changed.
  4. If desired, enter one or more Custom Parameters for the composition job.
    For example: -2pass.
    These custom parameters pass arguments directly to the Antenna House XSL Formatter engine.
  5. Provide an Output filename.
    By default, the value is the name of the structured document you selected. You may change this value to any name you wish.
  6. Specify the location to Store Results.
  7. Specify how to maintain existing files.
    Note: This option is available only if you select the Store Results option In Repository.
    • If you select Overwrite existing files in repository, only the current version of the output file is maintained in the repository. Older versions of the output file are permanently destroyed.
    • If you select Create new version of existing files in repository, Astoria creates a new version of the output file, allowing you to roll forward a previous version, if necessary.
  8. If desired, select Filtering options.
  9. If desired, select Scheduling options.
  10. Click OK.
This places a composition job on the Event Queue for the xdBatchMonitor. When the job completes, you will receive an email notification.