Configuring the Default Profile for Checking

An administrator can configure the default Acrolinx profile displayed when checking with Acrolinx.

The default profile can be set at multiple levels:

A default profile set at an object level overrides the default profile inherited from an object at a higher level in the repository hierarchy.

  1. Set the default profile on a document, DTD, or folder:
    1. Right-click the object and select File > Show Properties.
    2. Click the Custom Attributes tab.
    3. Click Add, and select Acrolinx Default Rule.
    4. Select a profile from the list.
    5. Click OK.
  2. Set the default profile repository wide:
    1. In the Navigation pane, expand the Custom Attribute Definitions administrative object.
    2. Right-click acrolinxRuleSet and select File > Show Properties.
    3. Clear the Unspecified Default Value check box.
    4. In the Default Value field, type an Acrolinx profile name.
      The profile name value must be one of the choices displayed when you set a default rule on an object, such as a folder.
    5. Click OK.