Copying Objects by Copying and Pasting

Copy and paste objects to copy them to a new location in the repository.

  1. Select or multiselect objects to be copied.
    The selected objects are highlighted.
  2. Right-click and select File > Copy.
    The object or objects are copied to the clipboard.
  3. If you are copying a structured document, the Structured Document Copy dialog appears. Select the Copy Type for non-DITA Structured documents.
    Note: This step refers only to copying and pasting structured documents in regular cabinets. For copying and pasting structured documents in a Product or Release containers, See Copying and Pasting a Structured Document into a Release.
    You may also select the option to copy user-created custom attributes.

    If you change the setting for the Prompt: Only When Shift Key Pressed check box, this updates the field in the User Property dialog to select the Only Display Structured Document Copy Dialog When Shift Key is Pressed check box.

  4. Right-click the folder in which to store the object copies and select File > Paste
Copies of the objects are stored in the new location.