Creating a Composition Profile Supporting the EditLink Plugin

After the EditLink plugin has been installed, you can create a composition profile that provides the custom or named parameters to use for composition jobs.

  1. Navigate to and right-click the folder where you will store the EditLink composition profile, and select Publish > New Composition Profile.
    The Add Composition Profile dialog appears.
  2. Provide a Name for the profile.
    For example, editlink.
  3. Select a DITA OT version from the list.
    EditLink is supported in DITA-OT versions 2.x or higher.
  4. In the Transtype field, select pdf2.
    A table displays the default values for the custom parameters.
  5. Specify the following parameter values by selecting the row in the table and clicking Edit:
    In the Edit Transtype Parameter dialog, select or type in these values:
    Parameter Name Value false
    editlink.remote.ditamap.url ${documentEditURL} ${oxygenAuthorURL}
  6. Make any additional changes you desire to the table of parameters and values in the table for the selected transtype.
  7. Click OK.
    The Add Composition Profile dialog appears, with the parameter Value field showing the changes you made in bold.
  8. Click OK.
The composition profile is saved in the repository and can be selected in a Compose Output dialog with the selected DITA-OT version.