Creating or Editing an Audience Parameters Document

An administrator defines an Audience Parameters document to support a workflow.

You can create a new document, edit an existing document, or copy and edit an existing document. See Audience Parameters Document Fields for information about each field in the document.
  1. Open an Audience Parameters document to edit.
    1. To create a new document, right-click the folder where it will be stored and select Administration > Create Form > New Audience Parameters Document.
    2. To edit an existing document (or a copy of an existing document), right-click the document and select File > Edit.
    The Audience Parameters webform opens for editing.
  2. If you are creating a new document, provide a Name and Description, and select an Index option.
  3. Specify Job Audience Parameters repeat groups for this document.
    Each entry in this repeat group lets you set the parameters for different jobs or documents. By adding multiple entries, you can use one Audience Parameters document for multiple job types and document types.
    1. To add a new Job Audience Parameter, click Add, then provide details for all of the fields in the repeat group for that job audience parameter.
    2. If desired, select a Job Audience Parameter and click Up or Down to change the order of the parameters.
    3. If needed, select an existing Job Audience Parameter and click Delete to remove it from the document.
  4. If any jobs in the Job Tickets definitions specify a Due Date Increment, and you want to send notifications when a scheduled job reaches a specific timeframe, specify a Scheduled Job Notification repeat group for selected job flavors in this document.
  5. Close and save the Audience Parameters document.
    1. If you are creating a new document, click Create.
    2. If you are editing an existing document, scroll to the top or bottom of the form and click Checkin Document.
      When prompted, enter a Checkin note describing your changes and click OK.
The Audience Parameters document is saved in the repository and can be used for workflow processes.