Displaying Hidden Attribute Values in a Details View

You can configure a hidden attribute column for the Details view to display Astoria hidden attributes, such as DITA element target ids.

Astoria uses a hidden attribute value to store certain relationships between DITA objects, such as a target element id. Create a hidden attribute column to display these attribute values.
  1. Populate a Details view with DITA elements.
    For example, select a DITA map in the Navigation view, and click to expand and display the topicref elements defined in the map in a Details view.
  2. Click in the Details view toolbar.
    The Configure Presentation dialog appears.
  3. Click Add Column.
    The Configure Column dialog appears.
  4. From the Properties list, select hiddenAttributes.
  5. Provide this information in the fields:
    • Display name: href#
    • Default width: 150
    • Sort: None
    • Parameter: href

  6. Click OK, then click OK again.
The Details view now displays the hidden attribute value of the element id. Note that the Properties view also shows information about the hidden attribute on an element selected in the Details view.