Processing a Register New User Job

An administrator who is in the job audience can accept a Register New User job to have the job ticket assigned to them so they can complete the task.

For more detailed information, see Accepting a Job.
  1. In the Workbench Ribbon, click the Task tab, then click Jobs Posted to <Your User Name>.
  2. From the list of jobs, right-click the Register job and select Task > Accept Job.
    You are notified that the job ticket has been assigned to you.
  3. In the Workbench Ribbon, click Jobs Assigned to <Your User Name>.
  4. Select the Register job and in the Workbench Ribbon, select Process Job.
    The Register job ticket form appears.
  5. Review the fields supplied in the request form and adjust if needed.
  6. Adjust the group membership for the user as appropriate by moving group names from the Available area to the Present area.
  7. Enter text in the Message box that will be included in an email reply to the user requesting registration.
  8. To also create an OS user when creating this user, select the Create OS User check box.
  9. In the Disposition field, select how to respond to this request.
    • Select accept to register and create an Astoria user.
    • Select reject to deny the request.
  10. Click OK.
An email is sent to the requesting user notifying them of the status of the request.

If the request is accepted, the user submitting the request receives an email containing a temporary password and information on how to log in to the Astoria Workbench and change the password. If the request is rejected, the user receives an email indicating the request was denied, and any reply note text provided by the administrator.