Removing a Snapshot Label

You can remove one or more snapshot labels from an object if it is incorrect or no longer desired.

Note: The repository must be configured to allow removal of snapshot labels. Additionally, only users in a group authorized to use this command are able to remove snapshot labels.
Important: Use care when removing snapshot labels to ensure you understand how this will affect your deliverables. Once removed, a snapshot label cannot be restored. If necessary, you can add a snapshot label again.

If you are removing a snapshot label from a lower-level element within a structured document, expand the object in the Navigation view to drill down to and select the element of interest.

  1. Select the object of interest.
    The Properties view shows snapshot labels and dates on the selected object.
  2. Right-click the object and select Versioning > Remove Snapshot.
    If you are not authorized to remove snapshot labels, the command will be dimmed.
    The Remove Snapshot dialog is displayed.
  3. In the list of snapshot labels, select the check box by those to be removed.
  4. Click Remove.
The unwanted snapshot labels are removed.