Searching for Undisposed Annotations

Use the Undisposed Annotations Saved Search to find annotations where the Annotation Status field contains the value of waiting for decision.

Important: This Astoria-supplied search relies on an annotation definition that contains an Annotation Status custom attribute that specifies an enumerated item with the text waiting for decision.

The Astoria-supplied annotation definitions Content Review and Legal Review both contain the custom attribute with the enumerated item.

You can create your own annotation definition that uses the Annotation Status custom attribute. The Undisposed Annotations search will return annotations with the waiting for decision item selected in the Annotation Status field.

  1. Navigate to and right-click the cabinet or folder in the repository hierarchy that defines the scope of the search.
  2. Select Search > Saved Search.
  3. In the list of searches, select Undisposed Annotations, then click OK.
The annotations returned are listed in a Details view. You can right-click an annotation from the list and select Locate. The Navigation view expands to the element or file where the annotation exists. You can view the element or file and edit or reply to the annotation.