Starting a Translation Job

This task describes how to start a translation job on a structured document.

  1. Right-click the structured document and select Translate > Start Translation.
    The Start Translations For: dialog appears. The translation job is set up based on configuration settings in the application document, particularly the choice of Translation Package destination. See Configuring Translation Options.

  2. In the Select Translation Targets area, specify the Select By option:
  3. Add one or more target language cabinets or groups to the Present pane as desired.
  4. Click next to Translation options.
    The Translation options fields appear.

    Note: Some fields are dependent on configuration settings. See Configuring Translation Options.
  5. For Translation Package Contains, select from the list:
    • All documents
    • Only documents that have changed
    • Update Pending Translation (available only if a translation is already in progress on the document you selected)

    See Details for the Translation Package Contains Field.

  6. Select or clear the Include non-translated graphics check box.
    • If selected, graphics that are not translated are included in the translation package to assist translators in understanding the context.
    • If cleared, non-translated documents are not included in the translation package.
    Note: If a graphic is not translated, the translated document will reference the same graphic that the source document references.
  7. Select or clear the Translate this document only check box.
  8. Select or clear the Exclude xref'd documents check box.
  9. Select or clear the Block-level translations check box.
  10. Select the Translation Type from the list.
    Select the translation type for this translation job from the list. See About the Translation Type Feature.
    Note: If your administrator has not configured the translation type feature, this field does not appear. See Configuring Translation Options.
  11. Select additional options appropriate for this translation job, if available.
    If your system is configured to integrate with a translation management vendor, additional fields may appear when you click next to <Vendor> options. See these topics for further details:
  12. If desired, select Filtering options.
  13. If desired, select Scheduling options.
  14. Click OK.
A Job_Translation job ticket is created. Users identified as translation managers in the Audience Parameter document receive an email notification. A batch job creates a translation package, according to the options you selected and your system configuration, and routes the package to the destination specified in the Translation Package destination option in the application document. If errors occur during the translation workflow, translation managers receive email notification identifying the error.