Updating a Pending Translation Using SDL/Nexus

You can update a pending translation only if a translation is already in progress for the target language on the map or topic you select.

This task describes updating a pending translation if your repository is configured to integrate with either SDL/Nexus-FTP or SDL/Nexus-SJP.
  1. Right-click the structured document and select Translate > Start Translation.
  2. In the Translation Package Contains field, select Update Pending Translation.
  3. Specify other fields in the Translation options area the same as those that were specified by the in-progress translation job.
  4. Click OK.
Astoria creates a separate folder on the outbound FTP site and deposits the updated assets and an atm_files.zip file there. The translation vendor must recognize that this is an update-pending package, and merge it into the original translation package that is pending.