Updating Translation Presentation Settings for List Translations (direct only) Command

Existing repositories upgrading to Hot Fix 7 should modify the Translation Presentations settings to display the desirable columns in the Details view for the results of the new List Translations (direct only) command.

An Administrator can click the Workbench Preferences icon , select the Presentation Settings tab, and click Revert to Factory Settings to update all presentations in the system for all users. This will cause the correct columns to be displayed. However, if any new presentation settings have been created or any existing settings modified in the repository, this will overwrite them. Instead, an administrator may wish to add a new Presentation Rule, as described here.
  1. In the Workbench, click the Preferences icon and select the Presentation Settings tab.
    The Presentation Settings dialog appears.
  2. Below the Presentation Rules area, click Add New Rule.
    The Select type of object dialog appears.
  3. From the list, select the Structured Document check box, then click Next.
    The Select Object Flavor dialog appears.
  4. From the dropdown list, select <ALL OBJECTS, FLAVORED OR NOT>, then click Next.
    The Select action dialog appears.
  5. From the dropdown list, select List Translations Direct Only, then click Next.
    The Select presentation to apply dialog appears.
  6. Clear the Personalized rule check box, then from the dropdown list, select Translation Presentation, the click Finish.
    The Presentation Settings dialog appears again.
  7. Click Apply, then when asked to confirm, click Yes.
  8. Click OK to dismiss the Preferences dialog.
When users execute the List Translations (direct only) command, the Details view displays the same columns as those for the List Translations command.