Make a Filter Available for Use

Define where in the database a filter is available for use by setting custom attributes on the repository object.

Once a filter has been defined, it must be made available for use. A filter can be made available at several levels:

When the user composes or exports an XML document, the system will first check the document for a list of filters. Next, it will check the document's DTD and the DTD's folder hierarchy. It will then look at each folder in the document's folder hierarchy. Finally, it will look at the cabinet that the document lives in to find filters.

  1. Decide at what level you want a filter to apply to: document, folder or cabinet, then navigate to and select the appropriate repository object.
  2. In the Workbench Ribbon or object's context menu, select Show Properties.
    The Properties dialog appears.
  3. Select the Custom Attributes tab.
  4. Click Add.

  5. From the custom attributes list, select Allowed Filters and click OK.
    A list of filters appear in the Available box.
  6. Add the desired filter to the Present box.
    Note: You can add more than one filter if desired.

  7. Click OK.
The filter is now available for use in the selected level for conditional processes.