Astoria Oxygen WAN Bridge Overview

Astoria supports the oXygen editor across a Wide Area Network (WAN). This is enabled when you install the Astoria WAN Bridge application.

The bridge creates an Astoria menu and Astoria toolbar icons in the oXygen editor user interface. It also creates an Astoria Sandbox view in the interface.

Important: New structured documents created in Astoria using the oXygen editor must be created using the Astoria New from Repository Template menu item. Do not use native oXygen editor methods or built-in templates to create new structured documents in the repository.

If the Astoria repository is configured to use filtering for conditional processing, filtering constraints are integrated with the oXygen editor to control attribute values available to users to set on document elements. Attributes can be specified at the global level or at a cabinet or folder level to limit the availability of filtering attributes based on the repository location of the document being edited. An administrator can also configure filtering to suppress exclude filtering attribute functions for oXygen editor users.

Administrators can create oXygen editor customizations to modify the look and feel of documents. These customizations can be distributed to all users of the oXygen editor and Astoria. When a new or modified customization is available, users are prompted to download it, then restart the oXygen editor to make the customization effective.