Restricting Status and Snapshot Labels

Structured documents, elements, and files may have status attributes and snapshot labels associated with them.

Controlling elements can have status and snapshot labels. However, it may be necessary to restrict this ability to specific levels within a document.

The Properties dialog for the DTD Custom Attribute tab can specify the elements on which the Change Status and Add Snapshot commands are allowed. The custom attribute, Status/Snapshot Allowed on, has the following possible values:
Value Description
All Elements Change Status and Add Snapshot commands are valid for any element.
Locking Unit Elements Only those elements that are locking unit boundaries support these commands.
Specified Elements Specify a list of elements on which these commands apply. This list is specified in the Status/Snapshot Elements custom attribute. You can select elements from the full list of elements in the DTD.

When a user issues the Change Status or Add Snapshot commands, Astoria verifies that the element meets the requirement, based on the DTD associated with the document. If not, Astoria finds the nearest parent of the element that does support Status/Snapshot, and it displays the form for that element. Because the displayed element may not be the original element desired, the Change Status and Add Snapshot dialogs display the element they are affecting in a read-only field.