Configuring Integration with Arbortext Publishing Engine

Arbortext Publishing Engine (PE) integration allows users to compose repository structured documents to PDF.

ACS communicates with PE by sending SOAP requests. SOAP is a communications protocol that sends messages over HTTP. It is recommended that PE and ACS be installed on different machines. When ACS processes a job on the Spooler Queue, it signals PE to compose the document by sending a valid WebDAV URL to the document. PE processes the document and responds with the composed PDF. ACS places the PDF on the file system in a location where it can be picked up by Apache.

  1. ACS communication requires the com.lspeed.webforms.spooler.SpoolerLicense.
  2. After ACS Phase 2 is run, the Astoria Daemon Service must be restarted for the Astoria-PECompositionSpool to be created.
To view jobs in the event queue:
  1. Switch to Administrator Perspective in the workbench and expand Event Queue Definitions.
  2. Left-click Astoria-PECompositionSpool.

A list of all jobs is populated in details view.

To change configuration settings:

  1. Expand Event Queue Definitions.
  2. Right-click Astoria-PECompositionSpool.
  3. Click File > Manage > Show Properties.

    The properties sheet is displayed.

  4. Edit the following attributes as desired:
    • Publish File Root. The default value is C:\program files\astoria\webforms\publish. This is the file system root directory to store composed documents.
    • Publish HTTP Root. The default value is http://<machinename>/ief/publish. This is the HTTP root directory to fetch composed documents over HTTP. Must match Publish File Root.
    • SOAP Timeout. The default value is "500". This is the timeout, in seconds, while waiting for PE to respond to composition requests.
    • SOAP URL. The default value is http://localhost:8080/e3/services/E3ReferencedAttachment. This is the URL that ACS uses to communicate to PE. Note that, despite the default value with a machine named localhost, it is not recommended for ACS and PE to be installed on the same server.
  5. To confirm changes, click OK .
  6. Restart the Astoria Task Server service.
Note: The above settings must be set by an administrator before PE composition can be performed. If any of these values are not set, an error is displayed when the user selects "Compose with PE".